Alison Courtney – Acupuncturist

I enjoy being an acupuncturist and offering assistance for the many conditions people come with that affect them physically and emotionally.

I trained in nursing then went into midwifery and these skills and experiences are still useful to this day, but now I use acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine as the treatment approach.

I have never regretted steadily leaving one system of medicine and going into another. I strongly feel that for most of my clients their lives are better for acupuncture and the side effects often felt from acupuncture are that people feel calmer, have improved sleep and feel better, this also helps us to better deal with pain and illness and stressful lives.

For me the client comes first and it is important to use the best qualities of any medicine and treatment approach whether alone or combined.

I trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) at Westminster University qualifying 17 years ago I am by nature a practical person so my approach is down to earth.

I am always happy to talk about whether acupuncture might be an option for someone, it has a huge breadth of conditions that it may be used for, so it is easier for me to just say call or email me and I will contact you back.

Alison works at Holt Holistic Centre on Tuesdays 10 am – 5pm, New patient appointments are £56.00, Follow up appointments are £28.00

Alison Courtney, Acupuncturist. Member British Acupuncture Council

Mobile 07790264515


Please call for an appointment or if you require more information.

Holt Holistic Centre 01263 711898