Sara Massingham – Classical Manipulation & Cranial Sacral

Classical Manipulation at Holt Holistic Centre.

Inspired by and based upon the philosophy of John McTimoney

Sara offers an integrated form of treatment, focusing on extremely light but effective techniques including the whole body classical manipulation approach and cranio-sacral therapy.

The skeletal system of the body is assessed as a whole on each treatment, particularly the atlas and the sacro-iliac joints.  The pelvic bones are accurately realigned before the spine is adjusted on individual vertebrae.

At a first consultation, a full case history is taken regarding symptoms, present and previous, as well as details of the patients lifestyle, occupation, sports, hobbies, etc.

The number of follow-up treatments, will vary considerably depending on the patients age, lifestyle, general health and the length of time they have been suffering – the acute problem is generally more quickly resolved than the chronic.  Usually an initial treatment plan of six sessions is recommended, though more or fewer sessions may be needed.  Treatments are given weekly at first then gradually spaced out allowing longer periods between treatments.  Once a problem has been resolved, a maintenance programme of check-ups and treatment at three to six months is always recommended.

What problems can be helped?

Pain, discomfort and stiffness relating to the joints and bones, including the back neck and shoulders.

Muscular aches and pains

Most sports injuries including tennis/golfers elbow

Headaches and migraine

Whiplash injury

Sciatica and trapped nerves

The gentle nature of this treatment makes it especially suitable for pregnant women, young babies, children and the elderly.  Of course it doesn’t matter your age or condition if you think this treatment may help, you can ring me at

Holt Holistic Centre 01263 711898 for a free confidential chat.

Sara Massingham BCMA reg.

Sara works Mondays 10.30-3.30pm, Tuesdays 9-4pm,Thursdays 9-6.30pm & Fridays 9- 1pm. Charges are £55.00 for 1 hour new patient appointments and £38 for half hour follow up appointments.