Classical Manipulation – After care

How to help yourself after Classical Manipulation 

You may experience reactions such as tiredness, headaches, or even slight nausea.  Rest assured, these are all normal responses to the treatment and will soon pass as your body adjusts to its new alignment.

Recommended ways to help yourself:

Rest for 20 minutes

as soon as possible after each treatment.

Take it easy for 24 to 48 hours.

Avoid doing anything strenuous such as housework or lifting.

Don’t engage in sporting activities such as golf, racquet or contact sports, or exercise classes until advised otherwise.

Observe your posture when sitting, standing or driving-try to be as well balanced as possible.

Drink plenty of water as this will help to clear toxins from your system.

Keep to a simple diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and avoid alcohol, tea and coffee until your body has settled down.

Avoid hot bathes for 24 hours, although warm baths and showers are fine.

Avoid carrying heavy bags on one shoulder or arm, as this will put a strain on your neck and back.

How will you feel after treatment?

There is a whole range of sensations that you can experience after treatment.  The most important thing to remember is that change is a sign that your body is beginning to adapt to the adjustments it has received.

Feeling better: relief from pain as your body becomes aligned can make you feel straighter, taller and altogether more balanced.

Feeling worse: before getting better: while your body is adjusting to its new alignment, the shape or size of the painful area may change, or new pains and aches may emerge due to positional changes in your body.  You may experience stiffness and soreness as the muscle tensions change and you may find previous aches and pains reoccur.  These effects will disappear as your body settles down after treatment.

Tiredness: you may feel tired after treatment and may well sleep well following the relaxation of deep tensions in your body.

Headaches: the release of waste products as your body heals can cause headaches.  Drinking lots of water will help flush out them out.

Emotional Changes: these are quite normal and often reflect the release of tension in the muscles.

Menstrual cycle: periods may become heavier or lighter, less painful or shorter.  Any changes usually settle once the body has adjusted to its new alignment.

Dizziness: you may feel light headed and dizzy due to the release of tension and increased blood flow to the brain.

Medication: anyone taking medication, eg. diabetics, will need to monitor their medication before and after treatment..

How many sessions will you need?

The number of sessions vary considerably, depending on;

Your age: you generally heal more slowly as you get older.

The nature of the problem: a simple backache will often clear more quickly than a sciatic problem.

How long you have had the problem: healing is a process which takes time; generally yesterdays injury will resolve faster than one of 20 years standing.

General level of fitness: broadly speaking, the fitter you are the quicker your body mends.

Stress levels: high levels of stress can impede healing.

Nutrition and Lifestyle: good healthy food and plenty of rest help the healing process

What you do in between treatments: give up the golf until you feel better. Most patients need between two and ten sessions- initially at weekly intervals, then gradually more widely spaced out, by which time a noticeable change should have occurred, though more treatment can continue for longer.  Once the problem has been resolved, regular 6 monthly check-ups are recommended to keep your spine and other joints functioning well.

Good health is not just absence of pain or disease, but a positive sense of physical, emotional and mental well being.

The more balanced the body is, the better it is able to cope with the stresses of daily living, as well as with unexpected trauma.

Remember, your body will respond well to kindness and care.  Given a chance, it also has a wonderful self-healing abilities.

If you have any questions between your treatments please do not hesitate in contacting me at;

Holt Holistic Centre 01263 711898, or via the website contacts page.