Sebastian Deans – Shiatsu/Reiki


Shiatsu with Sebastian Deans

Sebastian was introduced to Shiatsu in Norfolk by Anne Roy, a well qualified Acupuncturist & Shiatsu Teacher local to him. She first taught Sebastian a series of exercises, which are complementary to Shiatsu; ‘Makko-Ho’ and ‘Do-In’ (Sebastian can show you these exercises to help maintain health). Later he received treatments and contact details for the Shiatsu College from her.From 2004-2007 Sebastian studied a 3 year graduate course of Shiatsu in Norfolk at The Norwich Shiatsu College, associated with The Shiatsu Society (UK), it has been extremely beneficial for his own healing and in honing his skills and professionalism. In the year following Sebastian progressed through a post-graduate year course becoming a fully qualified Member on the Register of Professional Practitioners of the Shiatsu Society.

Sebastian continues to assist at the Shiatsu College alongside his professional practice. Sebastian regularly practices from Holt Holistic Centre and The Shiatsu Centre in Norwich (20A Lower-Goat Lane, Norwich, Norfolk) with a possibility of home-visits if the centres cannot be attended.

Appointments at Holt Holistic Centre are every Monday & Wednesday 1.00 – 5.00pm,  £38 for one hour.

Mondays 1.00 – 5.00 and every other Wednesday 1.00  –  5.00